High Precision Wire Cut EDM Machine F3-400/500

High Precision Wire Cut EDM Machine F3-400/500 is a five-axis CNC large-tapered middle speed edm wire cut machine. It realizes five-axis CNC four-axis linkage servo control. It adopts “one-piece” design, the electromechanical structure is more stable, and the covering area is smaller.

Cutting Taper


Best Roughness


Max Cutting Speed


Wire Speed

Frequency control

Control System

Windows – AutoCut

Axis Control

5-axis control 4-axis linkage


Details About High Precision Wire Cut EDM Machine F3-400/500

Technical Parameters:

Worktable Travel (mm)400*320500*400
U, V Axis Travel (mm)±35
Z axus travel, CNC, adjustable (mm)300
Max processing taper (Angle/thickness)±12°/80
Cutting wire diameter range (mm)Φ0.12-0.20
Power (KW)≤2.3
Worktable Size (mm)680*480800*500
Working tank Size (mm)1000*6401200*740
Worktable Max Load (kg)500600
Filtration Accuracy (μm)10
Volume (L)70
Drive ModeAC servo
Best Machining Roughness (Ra, μm)Ra≤0.65
Max Cutting Thickness (mm)300
Max cutting speed (mm²/Min)≥260
Wire Speed Frequency control
Hardware ConfigurationFanless industrial computer, 32G industrial solid state hard disk, standard PC keyboard
Communication InterfaceUSB, LAN, RA232
Control axis No.5-axis control 4-axis linkage
Language InterfaceChinese, English, Russian, Japanese
Size UnitMetric, Imperial
Manual ControlStandard configuration
Power Supply380V, 50/60HZ, 2KVA (Can be customized)
Weight (kg)22002800
Dimension (mm)1680*1200*23001810*1350*2300

As our company continuously developing and improving our products, the specification parameters might change without notice.


Machine Features:

  • “T” type machinebase, “C” type machine structure, adopts high-quality castings and has been tempered for many times.
  • Adopts the design structure of the slow-speed wire EDM, has the functions of anti-rust and corrosion.
  • The five axes (X, Y, U, V, Z) are all directly driven by imported linear guides, ball screws and AC servo motors to ensure long-term use of the machine and high precision of taper processing.
  • All five axes realize micron-level precision control. The “Z” axis can achieve high accuracy.
  • CNC veneer processing, higher precision of trimming, real slowspeed wire EDM control mode.
  • Electromechanical integrated design structure, small footprint.
  • With automatic thread winding function, no manual thread tightening is required.
  • Automatic wire tightening mode, real-time control of the tightness of the molybdenum wire.
  • Comply with European and American safety standards for threading grade, with higher safety performance.
  • The filter structure of the slow-moving wire water tank has good filtering effect and longer use time.
  • Each component is strictly inspected. The Renishaw laser interferometer detects the positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy of each axis of the machine tool,and make effective compensation.
  • It will be your choice to realize the processing accuracy of slow-moving wire, the taper accuracy of slow-moving wire, and the surface roughness of slow-moving wire.

Photos Of High Precision Wire Cut EDM Machine F3-400/500

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